Simon Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Simon was previously a Producer/Product Manager at Space Ape and Mind Candy. Whilst Product Manager doesn’t really sound like he actually did anything, he definitely did!

Ignacio Garmendia

Chief Technology Officer

Ignacio is a passionate technologist with an incredible aptitude for gameplay development, server side engineering and pretty much all disciplines that involve semicolons.

Ross McCaughey

Chief Creative Officer

Ross is a seasoned artist having worked at Mind Candy, Topps, Bossa and Mambo. His distinctive and vibrant artwork is what brings Gumbug universes to life! Making games is an art, and Gumbug is an Arts Hole.

Kate Morris

Technical Producer

Kate produces things. Games, balancing curves, editor extensions - you name it she's probably produced it. Technically!

Becky Matthew

Lead Social Designer

Becky shows us how to socialize. She also designs gameplay that makes everything that bit better.

Carlos Pérez

DevOps Engineer

What is a DevOps Engineer truly? Carlos knows. He looks into the future and makes sure everything operates smoothly.

Celestino Fernandez


Sele is a force of nature, pushing development forward at atomic speed from an undisclosed location in Spain.

Lucien Hoare


Only 2 days from retirement after a 35 year career on the LAPD, the only line he doesn't cross all the time is the outline. Because he plays by his own rules - and always gets results.

Ben Beaumont


"Over the statutory review period, Ben has reliably performed his duties. In all previous roles no outstanding grievances were found and so far no further grievances have been posted. Ben has reliable attendance and keeps his lunch break well within the statutory hour."

Peter Moneypenny

Lead 3D Artist

Pete takes things that are two dimensions and makes them three dimensions. That's 3D art!

Alessandra Rosso

3D Animator

Alessandra makes everything move. If she didn't, you'd probably think it was broken.