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28th December 2016
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Gumbug Winter Update (2017)


Welcome to the first of our Gumbug seasonal updates; a series of blog posts to keep you guys updated with what we’re cooking up here in the office!


With 2016 waving goodbye like a relative at your birthday who drank just a little too much, we’ve got plenty of exciting things to share. In preparation for our upcoming game Smash Supreme soon to be entering closed beta, we met up with the finest minds in entertainment to make sure we squeeze every drop of fun from its sweet, ripe flesh.


We moved! Welcome to the new Gumbug office!


Enter the first Indie Dev Influencers Junket; a gaming event hosted by SpaceApe Games which allowed for just over a dozen indie game developers (including ourselves) to co-sponsor and showcase upcoming new video games. We presented them to over 20 big name, consonant heavy YouTube influencers such as SSSniperwolf, Team Epiphany and Kwebbelkop.


Smash Supreme was very well received by the event attendees and people were super excited at the concept of being able to battle people online on their mobile. All of us here at Gumbug would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended the event, and an even BIGGER thank you to those who came over to chat and battle us  —  we thoroughly enjoyed punching you (and being punched) several times in the face. You can see SpaceApe’s highlights from the event below (Gumbug at 2:30):


SpaceApe’s Indie Dev Influencer Junket highlights.


Aside from the Junket, we have also been drinking an unsafe amount of coffee and weaving some gameplay magic. Head over to Smash Supreme’s blog (published next week!) and read our latest recap to learn more on our customisation, graphical sorcery and the birth of a Sackman!


So, what’s next? Well, with Smash Supreme nearing its first closed beta, we’re focusing on polishing up the game, crowbarring in some last minute magical touches and seeing what you guys think! If you’re interested in trying the game early, don’t worry — there’s still time! Sign yourself up to do so here.


We have some huge plans for the next few months and a ton of new stuff we’re eagerly waiting to announce, you can keep up to date with everything we’re doing here at Gumbug on our Website as well as our Facebook or Twitter social accounts.



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